Welcome to the new and updated and improved website for Catholic Concern for Animals.

I hope that the new website is easier to navigate and that you will find it interesting to read and browse.

The website is designed to help improve the online presence of CCA and will work in tandem with our associated Facebook and Twitter Pages which can be accessed from here or directly.

The website will also feature some articles from each new edition of the ARK as a way of showcasing online our magazine which will remain our showpiece publication.

Please let us know what you feel about the new website as feedback from you is important as the new website develops over the coming months.

We will be focusing on our main activity of education in 2015 and we will be trying to get the Animal Welfare message across to as many Catholics and members of other faiths and none throughout the year as usual.

In 2015 will be a major year for CCA work both at home and abroad. In particular, we are eagerly awaiting the Encyclical on the Environment from Pope Francis due to be published next month and CCA will be giving a response to the Encyclical as soon as possible following it’s publication. We are currently working towards the major Summit on Climate Change due to be held in Paris in December 2015 and the Pope’s views will be very important on shaping our final submission to that event.

This is the major international event of 2015 for CCA but we will also be focusing our attention on Animal Welfare issues in Spain and the Republic of Ireland and mounting campaigns against the cruelty of Bullfighting and the also the misuse of Greyhounds associated with cruel sports and also Greyhound racing.

We have a General Election in the UK and although of course CCA is strictly neutral in such matters we will be raising our concerns on Animal Welfare issues through the appropriate bodies including our Patrons who are Members of Parliament and also through our membership of the Animal Interfaith Alliance. I know that the AIA have been writing to the main Political Party Leaders asking for clarification of the Party’s views on Animal Welfare issues going into the General Election.

I hope you enjoy the new look website and am wishing you all a very Happy New Year and peaceful and animal friendly 2015

Very Best Wishes

Chris Fegan
General Secretary